Island Getaway: Aquila Atlantis Hotel Heraklion, Crete – $150

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For those who relish some quiet time away on the Island of Crete. Stay in the luxurious Aquila Atlantis Hotel for only $150 per night.

A modern five-star hotel overlooking the harbor in Heraklion, includes breakfast and a choice of room types

Before it passed through the hands of the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians and Ottoman Turks; the Greek Island of Crete was home to the oldest European civilization on record. A beach lover’s paradise, modern day Crete now homes the five-star Aquila Atlantis Hotel in the lively capital of Heraklion.

Like its setting, the geometrically designed Aquila Atlantis is a sophisticated choice with modern décor and luxe features. We’re talking two freshwater pools (one outside on the sunny rooftop), a stylish lobby bar and a restaurant serving authentic Greek platters. Bedrooms are decorated to the highest standards, boasting parquet flooring, rich fabrics and high-end electronics, and feature windows that look out to the city or harbor.


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