Travel Gadget: Chiz Sonic Automatic Toothbrush

Today we have the right travel gadget for you. Have you ever wondered what it would be like brushing your teeth differently as you travel the world. We stumbled on the Chiz Automatic Toothbrush and we love the innovation behind this handy device.

You can efficiently brush your teeth with the CHIIZ Sonic-Powered Automatic Toothbrush. Unlike traditional toothbrushes, this device offers 360-degree coverage of each tooth. By applying sonic technology, the automatic toothbrush brushes your teeth in a hands-free and smart way. Simply place the CHIIZ toothbrush into your mouth and bite down slightly using your front teeth. Applying stable strength, CHIIZ brushes your teeth automatically for 30 seconds. Likewise, 30 seconds is enough time for the sonic vibrations to do their job. Designed to fit your mouth shape, CHIIZ fully covers every surface of your 28 teeth. It even cleans those hard-to-reach molars and effectively removes plaques on your teeth. Afterward, take it out and rinse it under running water. Furthermore, CHIIZ comes with a case, making it easy to carry while traveling. It also comes in two sizes to ensure an ideal fit.

You can purchase this Gadget right from our Travel Shop powered by Amazon.

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