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Fall in Love with Sandy Beaches stretching as far as the eyes can see and warm waters.

Beaches are a major tourist product in Cabo Verde it has 55 km of beautiful fine white sand beaches and emerald green sea, Boa Vista Island has the largest stretch of beaches in the archipelago. The constant warm and dry climate, moderated by trade winds, the archipelago has mild temperatures year-round, offering ideal conditions for water sports, from surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing to diving, fishing and swimming.  In Sal, the irresistible Santa Maria Bay, with about 4km of white sandy beaches and turquoise water promises you those unique water sports experiences. With magnificent deserted, virgin beaches, Maio Island is a bucolic and tranquil place for you to relax with loved ones.

With seawater temperatures ranging between 22 degrees and 25 degrees and average air temperatures between 22 degrees and 27 degrees throughout the year, the beaches of Cape Verde are true havens for Sun and Sea lovers. Almost all islands have beaches where visitors can enjoy warm waters and unique beach experiences.

Cabo Verde is a country of contrasts where towering mountains get mixed with plains and long sandy beaches and warm waters, and where the green vegetation blends with a brown, almost desert landscape. With the exception of the islands of Boa Vista, Sal and Maio, the archipelago has a mountainous geography, marked by steep cliffs that give rise to sights of rare beauty. Most of the islands offer unique landscapes, like volcano on Fogo Island, pine forest in Santo Antão, and clean beaches with crystal clear waters on the islands of Sal, Bao Vista and Maio.

Feel the Mystique of Cape Verdean culture and the magic of the music. The possibility of interacting with the Cape Verdean people and getting to know their habits and customs, through traditional festivals, Carnival, music, food, and handicrafts. Nostalgia, love, joys, and sorrows provide the basis for the emergence of original musical genres and dances, which express the identity of the people of Cape Verde and are part of the inhabitants’ daily life.

Let yourself be Enveloped by the Magic of Morna, Batuque and Funanà and be invigorated by this memorable experience. Be captivated by the Morabeza a unique concept that you can only feel in Cape Verd. Morabeza is a unique concept that cannot be translated or explained …you simply feel it! To visit Cape Verde is to let yourself be enveloped by the spontaneous smile, friendliness and kindness of its people. More than a concept Morabeza is an attitude towards life that reflects the natural predisposition of Cape Verdeans to welcome visitors like nowhere in the world. Let yourself be captivated by the joy and friendliness of the locals, keep in memory a unique experience and desire to return.

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