Everyone will agree that these times are a time for unity, the creation of opportunities for the gifted and collaboration. These are the elements of any successful organisation. These elements are taught to each and everyone of us in school. We were paired into groups in our classes in school to work together on the class project nobody identified with race or a party and no-one was treated unfairly because of skin colour everyone was a student regardless of their background. We were encouraged not to tell little lies just for favours and even when we did we were scolded rightly for it.

The backbone of Honesty has be ingrained in all of us right from childhood but it is up to us as individuals to apply it to our lives. We must be willing to try new innovative ideas to drive business forward and appreciate equally the people that bring it to us. We must not stoop to petty utterances and actions in the name of jealousy and insecurity but embrace the truths presented to us with honesty.

There are ways you can recognise this honesty and I will outline them.

  1. Honesty is full of wisdom – The people that are honest with us are very wise. It is one thing to be able assess your own situation but also analyse others issues and identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  2. Honesty doesn’t ask for much but commands Respect – Anyone working with Honesty doesn’t really ask for much not even for you to acknowledge them honesty commands respect without giving too much.
  3. Honesty will outlive Jealousy – Honesty will always thrive on being valuable to others and not jealous of others. Honesty will mentally elevated you to a level of reasoning that propels your business forward
  4. Even in Disappointment Honesty Shines – Being honest has a way of improving our health. Our mind is clutter free and we are able to set clear goals. When you are dishonest you have to work harder to think of lies and tactics to play to a achieve what you want to. Honesty frees the mind to achieve the impossible while Dishonesty frees our mind to achieve the remnants of others.
  5. Honesty is patient – Honesty is patient with you and waits until the appropriate time to be frank with you. Honesty is never afraid of you or the strings you can pull to make life uncomfortable for honesty it thrives in the difficulties and excels through the detours. Personally even in my line of business we are all learning to be patient especially when you work with a team overseas and you are used to getting your results immediately. People mess up on their own end and it still affects you. Sometimes you might even question wether it was a good decision to choose to work with them but honesty keeps a channel of communication open and seeks to work to recover your funds though they cannot refund the lost time.

Where did you learn honesty? I learnt it from Family