The  FREE Podcast show on Spreaker “Coming from a Place of Love”  that garnered quite an interest when it debuted in February 2017 has made a return to daytime spot. The show features its host Sola Odu speaking about topics like Forgiveness, Contribution, The 3 P’s for Leadership, Growing Thick Skin, Motherhood, Domestic Violence and even an open air broadcast to H & M.

The Show is back but this time on Dialog. Dialog are the official sponsors of the show and it promises to be a an educative and life changing experience.

Listeners can be part of the show or simply catch their favorite show even after its live broadcast. You can follow the shows broadcast by following @msholaodu.

The show aims to continue to discuss socially conscious topics to promote Love, Respect and Harmony.   Through Dialog the Shows creators IAM have revived Coming From A Place of Love with a new vibe and new content.