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Are you an Educator in Nigeria? Are you looking for a strong network of professional educators? Would you like to grow your knowledge and learn great ways that you can keep your skills refreshed? We have a great network you can join…..

I write to introduce The Teaching Network Foundation (TTNF), a membership forum for the provision of continuous professional and self-development for teachers in Nigeria. Setting up TTNF comes from my desire to support the professional and personal development of teachers in Nigeria in order to enable improved learning outcomes for Nigerian students. It also comes from my experience, locally and internationally, of development programs for teachers and recognising what works and what does not.

Research has proven that the single highest indicator of student achievement is the quality of teaching delivered by outstanding teachers. It is only when students are taught by outstanding teachers that they can achieve high standards and attain outstanding results. No amount of infrastructure development and provision of resources can replace highly trained, dedicated teachers equipped with up-to-date research findings in education and human development. Unfortunately, many providers and funders of education in Nigeria often neglect the development of teachers and fail to pay attention to the importance of continuous professional development for teachers. This is the main cause of the poor achievements of students in our schools.

TTNF’s training strategy of teachers supporting teachers by sharing best practices, knowledge and learning is solid and well-grounded in the coaching principle. The coach learns as much if not much more than the people he/she is coaching because the process allows the coach to practice his/her skills and refine what he/she knows already. In addition, importing teacher trainers and teaching strategies from other countries will never work because they often do not fit our context. The solution to our problems must be home-grown. The teachers working within the Nigerian education system know best the challenges and problems they face on a daily basis. By coming together and sharing their knowledge and best practices, they will find the enduring and lasting solutions making sustainability one of the key advantages of the TTNF strategy.

Become a member today and get access to Events for FREE like the June 2nd 2018 Training. If your interested in joining this great platform contact them below. If you are interested in sponsoring the foundation you can also contact them below

The Teaching Network Foundation      or Via Email 

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