Hotel Review: Premier Inn, Heathrow Terminal 4

Hotel Review for Premier Inn, Heathrow Terminal 4 

Room rating 5/5
Customer Service rating 5/5
Bed Rating 5/5
Amenities 4/5 
Affordability 5/5
Restaurant 5/5
Breakfast 4/5 poor seating arrangements in the beginning but they made up for it the next day.

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Image result for premier inn heathrow

Image result for premier inn heathrow

A truly comforting, affordable and relaxing stay for less is what I would describe my 2 day stay at Premier Inn, Heathrow Terminal 4.

From the moment you walk in to the lobby you do feel welcome there are self serve machines with staff members still on hand to assist you should you run into any issues. I suggest that you book your stay ahead so you can just check in via the self service machines. They even print your room key as well.  I had a minor issue booking by myself using their free WiFi and the transaction kept failing and it seemed as if I was charged before hand but it was only an authorization. I became a little irate seeing I had no actual room number and it appeared the transaction had gone ahead like at least five times but customer service was on hand to assist me after I asked to speak to a manager who had experience with issues like this. They even offered me a complimentary breakfast to offset the issues I encountered which I felt was the right way to handle the issue regardless of who was at fault. I feel that was a great example on how to treat passengers Etihad Airways could learn from. The buffet style breakfast for just GBP 10.50 was a great combination of the full breakfast menu and the continental breakfast menu so whatever you like be it bread, tea, coffee, baked beans, sausages, scrambled egg, muffins, orange juice, apple juice and much more is available to choose from. At night you can settle for a good meal from the in house restaurant a la carte. They even have a 24 hr coffee house that serves coffee and snacks if you don’t want to eat heavy.

I spent about two nights at the hotel and I really did have a peaceful rest as they promised. There were no strange noises from neighbouring rooms as it seems the hotel is mostly used by reserved tourists on their way in or out of Great Britain. Before I left I made sure to say a big  thank you to them despite the fact that I was very angry when I arrived.

Overall I would say the hotel is very family friendly and an excellent way to relax in between flights and it is also budget friendly as you can enjoy a night for less the price of other big branded hotels with more comfort. The bed truly is comfortable as suggested.

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