Cruising: Customer Service Is Still a Service

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When choosing a cruise its important to get your money’s worth. It is important to keep customer service in mind when selecting a good brand. You want to choose a cruising company that displays the type and size of the boat as well as the deck. Be sure of what you are paying for if its an ocean room you should have a balcony and if you don’t get one feel free to complain at the front desk if necessary. You also want to get the kind of agency that will verify your bookings thoroughly to make sure there are no mistakes.

Gone are the days you just accept what is given if you paid for it and you have the necessary evidence such as your cruise manual with your room information you can refuse to accept what is given and get what you paid for. When you book with Five Star Travels you are sent a quote that includes the room number and the description of the room. If you require additional photos for confirmation our friendly agents can do that. Our agents will take your request and get you exactly what you need be it an inside room, balcony room or ocean view room.

Customer Service is still a service and Five Star Travel and the Cruise companies we represent understand that. We only deal with companies that keep the average traveler in mind.

If you didn’t get the service you deserved (Which is extremely not likely) let us know on the Support page and one of our agents will look into the situation for you.

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