Happy International Day – Woman !

As a Woman who runs her own business I am extremely excited to celebrate today and everyday with Women All over the world. We are unique, We are all deserving of a better life and We are all purposeful in making the world a better place.

A woman is a gift to mankind so lets strive to support and uplift women all around the world. What affects one woman in one part of the world affects all women. From the youngest to the oldest woman on earth your dreams are very important keep working at them. Keep going for them and most of all Keep believing in the possibility of you making your dreams happen.

Consistency is always key and be a guide for the children and Men in your lives. A woman taught me everything I know about the business and another woman taught her and these women influenced my decision to break away from the norm and offer low cost vacation ideas and services to the world.

Whatever your fighting, whatever your facing with be it Cancer or unfair practices at work know that you have the strength to get through and there are many women like you who are strong and very capable of pulling through!






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