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Dear Guests,

If you are looking for a written guide to finding the most amazing places around the world The Obscura Atlas is just for you. Writers Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras bring you a handheld guide to finding the weird and wonderful places in the world. Also available on the Web. With the atlas you can pick and choose where to go then  let us know and we will get you there as soon as possible. We would love to get our hands on a copy. The book is divided up by country and region with interesting and hidden places highlighted through out  so finding your next holiday spot wont be a hard task. You might even discover some places hidden in your country.

According to LifeHacker’s Thorin Klosowski

Atlas Obscura is for anyone who loves to travel, wants to travel, and who generally likes off-the-beaten path locations when they do travel. If the idea of visiting something called The Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan or an everlasting lightning storm in Venezuela sounds more interesting to you than a tourist trap museum three blocks away from a chain hotel that houses an Applebee’s, then Atlas Obscura is the travel book you’ve been looking for.

The book is for people who prefer to live like locals when they travel, seek out new cultures on vacation, or just prefer the weirdness of history to traditional by-the-book experiences. Even if you can’t travel, Atlas Obscura is a window into places you’d otherwise never know existed.

The Book also gives you the best routes to take to get there.

The underlying trick here is that the further you get off the beaten path, the more you learn about getting around in general. The best way to get from point A to point B is different for every city, and the more off the beaten path you go, the more you need to understand about a city’s infrastructure. – Life Hacker

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Here’s a video example of the many places you can find in the book